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My story starts on audition day on the 9th of September 2023 at the national. I got a “YES” On October 2023, we had our voting shoot. On that, day it was our first day of boot camp. There were four categories, teen category, little category, Mimi category and toto category. On 9th December, it was our talent night for the tour. Our boot camp was for two weeks. On 13th December, it was our trip to Kabaka’s palace for a tour. We learnt about the story of Amin Dada trapping people in a steel cage electrocuting them and torturing too. During our boot camp, we went to a modelling academy where we learnt our dances for the grand finale. On 17th December, we held our grand finale.                            

We danced, modelled and said our profiles. We showed off our creative wear. We also wore our gowns for crowning and went to the runway and then it was time for the moment of truth. They started the crowning of totos. First, they started the crowning of the second runners-up who was Queen Abigail. The first runner was Queen Amber. And miss toto was Queen Keza. After they started crowning the Minis, the second runner-up was Queen Baleke Jovia. The first runner-up was Queen Joelyn Nayiga, I, of course, the writer of this article.

Presious Jelyn M.L., P.5 Kingfisher

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