MDD After Noon

Here in Cambridge, we aim to challenge learners to be confident and creative in the way they talk, think and eat. Many children grow up when they are shy and not confident enough. As the community, we got together and thought of a way to show children aspects of being a Cambridge student. We called one of them MDD afternoon. During this afternoon, we have many presentations. All Cambridge classes take part entertaining the other classes. They organize food, drinks and snacks for all the children that performed. This term, the food included fried potatoes, chapatti, chicken, salads and soda. The food was made by the domestic staff, teaching staff and children also contributed and helped cook the food.

My class (Year Six Parakeet) had a presentation about a woman (Constance) who held a luggage on her head to symbolize all the bad things we do on earth. In the other class, (Year Six Lorikeet), they had a presentation of a doctor who stole drugs from the government hospital. His wife and neighbors tried to tell him that what he is doing is wrong but he didn’t listen. His sister soon went to his house to inform him that their father is sick and there are no drugs in the hospital. His father dies and he realizes his mistake.

Yr.6 Parakeet

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