Mental Health Awareness

Across the world, there are plenty of suffering illnesses that deserve and get appropriate attention. However, the topic on the agenda is about the minimal attention given to mental illnesses. Is this information helpful anyway?

The visibility of people suffering from various mental illnesses like autism, ADHD and most commonly depression, is now almost tangible and it grows proportionally with the need for their awareness. Delusion from the immediate community leaves the affected vulnerable. At times, a common result neglect induces a mindset of self-harm. Cases could even go as far as suicide, depending on the depth of the matter yet this can all be controlled if awareness and help are provided.

Furthermore, ignorance to mental health breeds other dire consequences like drug dependence. In most cases, this is derived from failure of expression and looking for coping mechanisms. Resorting to drugs for temporary relief has proven physically and mentally harmful. However, alternatives like therapy, spiritual awakening, self-care and meditation are harmless stepping stones to having control over these illnesses.

All in all, the various examples of mental illnesses deserve equal attention so as to provide habitual environments and ease the challenges faced by the ill.

Ryan Tusiime
Yr. 11

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