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Miss Taibah

It is these moments in the history of Taibah that are famously celebrated every 8th March on Women’s Day. Young women from every class in Taibah are encouraged to showcase their talent and unique abilities to a panel of judges as well as the present student body. The day is celebrated with music, good food and interesting games and activities all around with a pageant being the overall highlight of the public holiday. This year’s Miss Taibah came out successful from amongst her competitors being judged as the fairest among them through points awarded for various activities. She is an inspiration to all young women in and around Taibah as she presents the values that Taibah stands for especially since she had the confidence to compete fairly with all the lovely young ladies, coming out successful Elise Laura (S.5), was crowned Miss Taibah. She presented desirable skills and her uniqueness especially her confident character as well as her inspired creative outfits. Thoroughly impressing the judges and the audience. For a new student to win this, I think she will blossom in confidence.

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