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Sports day all began with badminton and Mufumbiro Blue was the first followed by Moroto Green, Elgon Yellow then Rwenzori Red last. It was such an interesting game. Then we had football and Red was in the first position, then Green, then Blue, then lastly Yellow. Then here we have the time of running we had Red in first position, then Blue came in second place and then Green and Yellow in last position it was such a hectic game. 

Then we had a carnival. It was fun, we were all working hard to do well. It was enabling us to learn the skills of creativity as we designed fingers, a man, a tree and many more things. Then we selected participants for one hundred and two hundred meters on sports day and we also selected participants for the bicycle race. Our patrons told us to buy capes and vuvuzela for sports day. When it was one day to sports day, we had rehearsals for sports day. On that day, we assembled at the front office and made lines according to our house colours. Moroto Green first left then Elgon Yellow, followed by Rwenzori Red and finally Mufumbiro Blue. We then had the anthems and after the anthems we had aerobics. We went back to our tents and cheered our friends on one hundred and two hundred meters, the bicycle race and the rest. In the end, results were read; ‘In fourth position, we have Moroto Green, in third position we have Mufumbiro Blue and in the first position we have Rwenzori Red.

We as Moroto Green shall not rest until we take the Sports Day trophy.

Nicole Namanya, P.6 Eagles 

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