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Motor Cross was one of the most beautiful stunts we had on Sports Day. The way the motorcyclists drifted was astounding. It was a scene I had never seen before. It was like we had the best motorcyclists in the world. The way Ethan Jassa stood on his motorcycle and performed an incredible stunt which looked so delightful. But Wagaki showed us that motor cross isn’t an easy job the moment he fell and the whole crowd went into silence but lucky enough he was not hurt. This indicated to me that motocross is such a dangerous sport hence making protective gear inevitable when riding a motorcycle. Nevertheless, the Taibah community was shocked to see what talented and blessed pupils they have! It was very shocking to see one Jaysen Katek of Primary Two ride a motorcycle with such expertise. The team must have gone through thorough training in preparation for this day.

Matthew Mutamba, P.7 Goldcrest

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