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You are well known.

You and your wives always visit me, my parents, brothers, sisters, uncles and aunties.

This is how you look!

You have a sharp tube for sucking blood, that funny proboscis,

You have three thin pairs of legs. Your hind legs are long,

You lay eggs on stagnant water, you live in bushes around homes, and you are not a friend but a complete enemy.

Your wives have caused death to my people.

My father got yellow fever from your first wife tiger and died, my mother got malaria from your second wife anopheles and died too. My uncle also got elephantiasis from your third wife culex and now no more.

Even me, your first wife has infected me with yellow fever and you want me to die too.

We are ready to fight you We shall remove all stagnant water to stop you from breeding. We shall sleep under treated Mosquito nets and that will protect us from your bad bites

We shall spray insecticides to kill you. We shall do everything possible to stop your bad habits.



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