My 2022 Taibah Expo Experience

Exposition day was the long-waited day for term II 2022. Having spent 2years without it due to Covid outbreak. However, all pupils were eagerly waiting for it this term. In the 1st week of term two the theme ‘’NEW TECHNOLOGY’’ was out as well as topics.

Our class choose Food Preparation and Preservation. Immediately, we kicked off preparations. We peeled cassava and matooke for sun drying. To add on this, we peeled and sliced pineapples and yellow bananas to show case sun drying and tinning. As the day’s chef, we trained how to prepare chips, chicken and kalo [millet bread] indeed we enjoyed using the air fryer, deep fryers and vegetable cutter among others in preparation.

Our class environment was also beautiful as we designed it with colourful work about the topic. On the eve of exposition, we left everything set. On exposition day, we were all dressed up in our smart chef’s attire. We began the cooking and displays. By 9.00 a.m everything was set. I was very happy to see parents including my very own mother and father testing my chips and chicken. It was really yummy because we used spices like baking flour, garlic, salt and royco. On the side of local food, there was a group led by Aayan, Rajah and Clarissa describing how to prepare Kalo, Luwombo and Matoke.

On the side of food preservation, we show cased how to smoke, sundry, tinning, salting and freezing. I will live to remember this day because it was my first time and I got the best experience.

Asiimwe Bonyconcilla (P.5 Firefinch )

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