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My Best Trip

On the 21st of November, our class went on a trip and learnt about different things like how to make bread, and silk materials from silkworms and went to the museum too. According to our guide, Jude said that the museum is the oldest building in Uganda. It is over 116 years old. We got to see a bulletproof car that was used by the first POPE and the second POPE that came to Uganda in 1969 and the second POPE came in 1993 and also, we so a tree with a breast which is known as the witch tree nakayima tree.

After, we went where they make bread and to made it, we needed flour, salt, sugar, baking powder, milk, and eggs … we then mixed all these ingredients in their rightful amounts but you can either use salt or sugar. Then you cook them or boil them after that, you put the dough that it has made in a bread pan to make the shape of the bread you want. Then you put it in something like a fridge but instead, it is hot and it has a hole down there that when you turn it on the water will boil and it makes the bread soft and makes that type of bread you wanted after all that, you package it and you are done just in some minutes.

We then saw how to make silk clothes. First, you get some silk warms which aren’t harmful at all then feed them leaves. When they are done growing, they produce threads in large amounts, so it’s hard to open them using your hands. You have to buy a 1,000,000 spinner for silk and to make the thread separate easily. You first put it in boiled hot water and the silk spinner opens it, then you get the threads and you get your small cloth and you do your cloth and you are done.

Akazuba Benitha, Yr.5 Waxbill

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