My Birthday Celebration at School

I was born on 3rd March 2016. This year, I turned six years. I do not remember how my parent celebrated my 1st, 2nd or 3rd birthday. I can only recall events of my 4th at school in KG2, 5th at home due to COVID and 6th that happened this year at school.

Preparations for my 5th were done by my parents. They called up the service providers who set up the decoration, bouncing castle, music and clown. My role was to pose for pictures, give a speech, eat cake and receive gifts.

My 6th birthday was very different. I went to school that morning after my family had sung the birthday song for me. I attended class as usual until break time when Tr Sarah came in with lots of snacks, soda and a cake. She asked my classmates to stand up and sing happy birthday to the one and only; Tatiana Batenda Luutu. I was so happy that she had organized a class party for me.

I blew the candles and made a wish that I kept to myself, there are very important people who I shared the cake with, Tr Sarah being the first, Tr Haiwah, the Head teacher and all my classmates. It was a good celebration with my sister Divine and all my friends by my side. As we were about to conclude, my brother Samuel (P.3G) came peeping at the door. Ohh, I had forgotten to invite him, what shame! He did not even get a share of the cake. How do I fix this mistake, I thought?

When I returned home, there was another cake for me, I served Samuel first to correct my mistake. I also received gifts from mummy, daddy, aunties and grandparents. It was a very good day for me. I can not wait for my 7th birthday. I hope I can celebrate it at school again.

Tatiana Luutu Batenda
Primary One Falcon

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