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Melissa Asimwe in Primary Four. My journey to date has been long. During my early years, I was fond of visiting the water park.

One day, our family travelled to the village and we entered a small forest. I was two years then so I was scared of it. On my birthday, when I was turning three, my cousins came we played games then we cut the cake in the evening and celebrated happily.

I also enjoyed playing with my elder brother. At four years. My father, Ethan and I visited my aunt who lives in Dubai. I got a chance to move by an electric train called a tram. I felt it was not me in it. We had fun in a foreign country and after a week, we returned to Uganda.

Back home, I had a lot to share with my mother and other relatives. How memorable that period is!

From Melissa Asimwe

P.4 Pytilia.

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