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My China Experience

China was a blast I must say. From the moment we set foot into the airport at Chongqing. We were picked up and driven to our hotel like VIP's. We were welcomed with so much love and smiles. The effort put into understanding us was so touching even though there was a language barrier. The surprisingly delicious food from the various Chinese cuisines. The different people we met across the globe. All the friends we made. Tours of Chongqing and the amazing city lights were so captivating including the beautiful bridges the conferences we had gave me a deeper and new understanding of technology and innovation. The different skills we were taught are something to brag about. We shared our different cultures at the farewell dinner and shared gifts it was a joyful time. I have to say it made us feel like attractions when we were asked to take so many pictures with different Chinese because of our dark skin.

Going to China was an amazing experience.


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