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It was 4:00 am, and the ticking of the hands-on my alarm clock was nowhere close to the noise in my head. That Friday morning was nothing liked I’d ever faced before, just 5 hours from then I’d have to sit for my delf A2 examinations. 2 weeks of vigorous preparation didn’t satiate my anxiety, with all the extra work, consultation and mental preparation still felt like I was nowhere near ready for the exam, I could hear my heart pound in my head, uncertain of whether what I’d done was enough or if I was enough. Slowly my blinking turned into slumber and for that hour I was at peace.

7:00 am, I was still comfortable in the coaster that would take me and quite a number of other students to alliance francais Kampala. Still, my head wandered, would I be able to hit the pass mark? Would I get that 50%? My teacher was right next to me and after he read the expressions on my face and guessed that I need to hear that it’d be ok, he said, “Blessing, what you’ve done is enough, now you just have to put all that you’ve learnt and accumulated to paper and to do that, you need to be calm.

5 deep breaths later, I convinced myself that he was right, I then prayed and left everything in Jesus’ hands. Soon after we arrived. Once we were done with the papers, I realised the fear was all in my head and that the exposure was such a beautiful experience I wouldn’t exchange or ever trade for anything. I’m forever grateful to the school and my teachers for the opportunity to do those papers, to my teachers, Tr, Gilbert, Tr. Munana and Tr. Brandon, I’m grateful for the faith you had in us and the extra push you gave me and the entire French group to do these papers. Thank you to my friend and French discussant, Nakirunda Gabriella, I thank you for all your help and support. To my parents, Mr and Mrs Agolor, I bless the Lord for you, thank you for being such beautiful, supportive and nurturing parents, I’m blessed to have you both. Above all else, I thank my Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ from whom all good things come.

Agolor Blessing Devine Kesande

Form 5 Spurs (2023)

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