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My Dream

Doc McStuffins is one of my favorite cartoon shows to watch over the weekends. It’s about Doc McStuffins, who has a hospital for her stuffed animal friends. When her stuffed animal friends feel sick or hurt, they go to her hospital to get better.

Doc McStuffins is a good doctor. She takes care of her stuffed animal friends with love and kindness. She knows just what to do to make them feel better. After she treats them, she gives them sweets and sings for them.

When I grow up, I want to be a doctor to help people when they are sick. My mum says that if I study hard and pray to God, I can be a great doctor like Doc McStuffins.

When I become a doctor, I want to make people feel better and happy. I will work in a hospital and take care of many sick people. I will also make a lot of money to buy sweets and help people who cannot pay their hospital bills. Making people smile and feel better will be a good thing!

I will keep watching Doc McStuffins to learn more about being a caring and kind doctor. One day, I will become Doctor. Divine Blessing, the best doctor ever!

By Mugagga Divine Blessing

Year Two

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