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My Experience in Taibah

I joined Taibah in 2017 in Primary One.

I came when I was very shy to talk due to lack of confidence in me but luckily Taibah taught me the five Cs namely; Confidence, Creativity, Critical Thinking, Concern for the community and Communication.

The confidence in me

In Taibah, we have many functions and activities e.g. sports day, theatre production, theme assemblies, exposition, prefects’ elections etc.

In those activities, every child is given a chance to participate. I have participated in all the activities above and my favourite was the prefect’s election. The elections enabled me to gain more confidence and develop the spirit of leadership. I introduced myself and campaigned very well and I became the head prefect of 2022.

The Creativity

I have learnt to be so creative due to the art lessons I had in Taibah.

I became so creative that I would introduce and teach new patterns to my fellow pupils and we would decorate the classrooms ourselves.

Critical thinking

Taibah has taught me to critically think through activities like spelling bees and mental maths.

This has helped me so much that I have widened my vocabulary.


We have learnt how to communicate freely with people through debates, being MCs at functions and circle time.

Circle time is the most interesting because everyone is given a chance to talk about their likes and dislikes in school such that the school improves.

Concern for the community

Is the most interesting thing because we always have an act of kindness week in school where we help the mammas and uncles to carry out their work. Besides that, we also visit the outside community and donate some basic needs.

This has enabled us to have concern for others and to know the outside world.

I really appreciate Taibah School for everything because without you I wouldn’t have been able to have all those 5 Cs in me.

I recommend parents bring their children to Taibah for them to have a bright future.

I will always remember you Taibah

Nabumba Darleen Marie

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