My First Day in a Taxi

One Saturday morning, I stared at myself in the mirror, and realized I had very long shabby uncombed hair. I usually visit the saloon with my father, but that day - he was off to work with the family car. As my mother was preparing to go for shopping, I requested her to take me to the saloon first for a gentleman’s haircut. She accepted but told me that she’s going to board a taxi. WHAT!!, I asked- very nervous without a doubt, because it was my very first attempt to board a taxi.

I hesitantly put on my sandals to get ready for the journey. We had to move a short walkable distance to the taxi stage. When we got there, all commuter taxis available were full, so we had to wait for 8 more minutes. Finally, there was one and I couldn’t wait but to board and occupy the two remaining seats.

That day, I realized that a taxi has a driver and a conductor. As the driver is behind the steering wheel, the conductor is busy with the passengers, talking to them, collecting transport fare, opening for those disembarking and calling in those willing to board.

After 20 minutes’ drive, I heard mummy tell the conductor “Maaso awo” which translates; “we are stopping there”. ‘’Grrruuu’’, sound of the old taxi door as the conductor opened for us to get out. She paid the conductor 2000 shillings as we had reached our destination.

What I liked most about the journey were the people talking freely about sports, increase in children’s fees and politics in their local dialect, and what I disliked were the unending stop overs every after 3 minutes for passengers coming in and out. Either way, DID I ENJOY THE COMMUTER TAXI JOURNEY??? YES, I DID.

Samuel Luutu Bazanye

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