My First Drama Show Ever

Have you heard of Shakespearean play “THE MERCHANT OF VENICE?” hmmmmm, well, the Year 9 class had a chance to act this play to the entire school. It was my very first time to be in front of so many people and I guess I wasn’t the only one. The day Teacher Alice told me that I was going to play the role of ANTONIO; the merchant, I got scared, I kept wondering how I was going to master the lines, and how I was going to look at so many people, but guess what!!!! I did it; and how was I going to let down my teacher that had trusted me with such a major role?

Sometimes we are not able to discover what we are capable of until we are challenged, many of my classmates and I were challenged and had to work extra hard to achieve the intended purpose. All the 5cs were tapped onto. Our show went well, of course it could not take everyone but each stream had representatives and the majority were incorporated in the dances. I guess I was the luckiest student of the term because I got a chance to take part in the dances too.

I can’t wait to take part in yet another show, I am certain I shall be the best actor of the year.

Thanks to teacher Alice that gave us an opportunity to shine and grow our confidence.


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