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My talent is acting and when I think deeper, why shouldn’t I make money out of it? I fell in love with acting at the age of five because of how fun it looks on TV and due to the admiration of my aunt as an actress. My dad saw the love I had for acting and decided to take me to a school for acting to follow my dream.

I love acting because it is a source of entertainment, education, and income for other people and myself. I wish to grow up to be a professional actress like Zendaya, Sofia Carson, Ariana Grande, and Dove Cameroon among others.

Acting is a talent that requires a lot of love and passion to do it. It seems easy but it really isn’t. You have to go through so much in order to act in one movie. Firstly, you have to go through auditions but you go there knowing that you are not the only one who wants that position. Hundreds of people want to become actors and actresses and it’s really by luck to get that position. Most of the movies I would like to act in should be sorrowful in order to bring out the real message.

I wish to be one of the best actresses in the world and when I collect money I will build hospitals, schools and orphanages for orphans.

With God and my Mother, I know I shall meet my dreams.

Anitah Nanyanzi Mukwaya, P.7 GC

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