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My holiday started with me going to visit my uncle who is the leader of all the Iteso in Uganda [cultural leader, Emorimori] in Soroti. The challenge I faced was language barrier with the people in Soroti as I was not fluent in Ateso language but I enjoyed the pride of being referred to as the princess of Teso! After visiting my uncle, I went back to Tororo. While in Tororo I climbed the rock with my friends, played golf with my dad, played badminton with my siblings and I went to pad parties and colour festivals with my sisters and friends. The challenge I faced during the holiday was that the maid stole some of my things and also of my siblings. I also watched my friends playing football. I spent most of my time with my friends chatting on WhatsApp. I also helped my mum with shopping for food and ate Kentucky Fried Chicken [KFC] with my siblings.

Mutyembo Darlyn Omaset, P.7 Pigeon

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