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My Journey with Taibah International School Junior

I joined Tabiah in 2017 and it has been a very long journey from Primary One to Primary Seven.

I am really going to miss this school because it has taught me the 5cs such as; Confidence, Creativity, Critical thinking, Communication, and Concern for the Community.

Without confidence, I wouldn’t have stood up for the post as a Religious Prefect. I thank the school for organizing Theatre and Valedictory productions because it has helped my friends and I to be confident.

Taibah has also taught us Critical thinking through the exposition because children come up with their own ideas.

Taibah has promoted Creativity by giving us holiday work. This holiday work makes children become creative.

We have learnt how to Communicate through circle time and writing articles.

Taibah has promoted Concern for the Community through acts of kindness. This has taught us that there are people who need help in the community and we can share the with them.

Besides teaching us the 5cs, Taibah has also fed us very well. Taibah has also enabled me to discover my talents through clubs and sports. I don’t think there is any other school like Taibah.

I would like to thank the Directors, Principle, Head Teacher, Teachers, support staff, and fellow pupils for giving me such a wonderful experience at Taibah International School-Junior. I will forever be grateful.

From Nakalyango Kitiibwa Haira

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