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It’s quite tragic, at the end of each year candidates from the national and the international curriculums move on to their secondary studies. Having to let go of a friend isn’t easy and now it is my turn.

In these last few days, I am thinking of all the friends I have made. I am happy that I have done my checkpoint and that I’m going to a new level of learning but in my heart, I am crying.

These last days also let me think about the teachers that taught me through the years. I’d like to thank them for teaching me the 5’cs which include confidence, creativity, critical thinking, communication, and concern for the community, without which, I wouldn’t be the person I am right now.

Finally, I am honestly very sad of leaving Taibah International School Primary. I am also quite happy. These last few days make me think about it more.

Victoria Agaba, Yr. 6

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