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As a young student, my love for Literacy grew strong and stronger. It’s one of the kind subjects. My love for literacy came with a little twist. Loving a subject brings you more into it. For example, when I was small I didn’t know much about Literacy, I used to get 70’s in Literacy but I am now reaching my goals. It is all about focus and passion. Someone used to say, “You learn to hate but in the end it becomes love. The story writing engages me to create my own stories.'

Literacy teaches me to be who I am; confident, creative, and critical thinker. Literacy gives me courage and hope. Literacy is what l live for. ln Literacy, all you need in story writing is what makes it good. In what makes good you need dialogue and narration. In figurative speech, we have personification, hyperboles, irony, metaphor and so much more but my favorite personification is the ‘chair danced.’

Last but not least, as came to checkpoint literacy gave me an ambition that made me even stronger to pass my checkpoint literacy is always going to be my favourite subject. l really appreciate it and that’s why l am all praise to my Literacy teacher, Tr. Samuel.

Sasa. M. Yr. 6

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