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My Mind My Mage

A smile on the face can defy the world but never the mind, put a smile and make the world think you are doing exquisitely and yet inside, you are drowning is how we were raised to be. Mental health is something a lot of people don’t put under consideration as a matter of fact it’s mocked by society. Depression, anxiety, stress, mind block and more that I can’t stop asserting all lead to very bad results, self-harm is what people resort to when they don’t feel heard or when society mocks them so they can’t really express themselves. The need to unalive yourself because the world doesn’t deserve you or the desperation to take yourself to a better place and out of this misery.

Teenagers and the young are most commonly affected and this is normally due to stress from high schools and the desire young youths have to get their lives on track or the need to have a perfect start on life as a new adult. Young youths have the ideology that starting your own life should be easy while the teenagers never feel hears as and as a result some tend to smoke, drink, self-harm and be suicidal. Homes’ atmosphere can be toxic and parents are the people meant to be your shoulder or someone you can rely on but instead they are the people you are trying to escape and this leads to trauma because your shoulder is hard and cold rather than warm and soft. This leads to trauma for the image is embarked I their minds, it is a scary and unimaginable place to be in.

What of therapy? There is a famous saying, “therapy is just a way for the world to know what you are thinking,” but finding someone to talk to that doesn’t judge you, someone that actually listens and tries to help you even though they are being paid for it is way better than dying on your own. It’s a safe space for everyone, a place that would make you whole again. Regardless of the fact that many resort to unhealthy and dangerous coping mechanisms others tend to listen to music, write it down their thoughts or compliment themselves at every opportunity they get. Music helps them relate to the artist and makes them fell contentment, but it doesn’t last long. Listening more and judging less can make a big impact on someone that needs it, if deep down in you, you don’t think you can listen then pay for someone else to listen or perhaps buy them a journal or a diary.

Adut Khalid

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