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My Project Work

Over the holiday, the teachers sent all of us for items for a class project work. Teacher Cyrus sent us a 100 square chart; Teacher Ruth sent us a food chain and lastly, teacher Moses sent us options for making a simple machine. Options for making a simple machine; a lever, a pulley, a wheel and axel, an inclined and a wedge. So, I started with the playscript which I wrote about. At my parents' wedding ceremony, I went to the 100 square charts where I printed out 100 charts and I cut them out and stuck them on a cardboard, next I worked on the food chain of Savannah. The ocean the desert and the polar region. Lastly, I made the technology project. I chose a lever as a (seesaw) so I needed a piece of cardboard that was 20x3cm and another piece of cardboard that was 22x9cm. In this project, I got 90%. I love project work!!

Johana Droti, Yr.3 Bluebird

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