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Hi, my name is Shantel and I live in Akright City. I go to Taibah International School and the experience of being in this school is that there are a lot of activities, like circle time, theme presentations, Story Telling Week, Contact Day, Theatre Production, Sports Day, Exposition, Lang Ford tournament, Creativity Week, Art afternoon, Book Week, Road Etiquette and Safety Week, Acts of Kindness Week, Culture and Vernacular Week, None Uniform Day, Valedictory, Mega Bash, to mention. These activities are run alongside different clubs like; cookery, swimming, writers’ club, music, dance and drama club, Red Cross, Scouts and Girl guides, Young Farmers club, and so many others. Taibah makes you feel like you belong there and ever since I joined Taibah, I have been so happy, I have made a lot of new friends and the teachers are kind. The matrons are caring so much, my class is so beautiful and the children around are kind and loving. The most important thing I like about this school is that they celebrate culture and they make you feel proud of who you are and your culture. My experience in Taibah is honestly fantastic!

Shantel Kiwumulo, P.4 V

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