My Sweet Mother

Roses are red,

Violets are blue

My mother is

The prettiest in the world

Your eyes always sparkle

Like the stars in the darkness.

You are like the beautiful Monalisa

That was painted and captured

On paper

That looked so glamourous

That people adore it so much

My sweet mother,

You are like water that I drink

And it gives me strength

To do anything in the world.

I would come from

Far distances to be with you

You are my heart

That beats and keeps me alive.

You have been with me

Since day one

My sweet mother,

If they would tell me

To peek a flower,

I would eek you my elegant rose

Because from all flowers,

The best is the rose.

Your lips are of snow white

That heal all the wounds

Of the body.

Sweet mother,

Your voice is of an angel

That sings everlasting joy in heaven

You are my blanket

That keeps me warm when sleeping

Mother you are my shoulder to cry on,

My medicine when I am sick,

My flower that smells stupendous,

And the sweet sugar in my tea.

But most of all

Whenever I feel sad,

You always find a way

To make me laugh and smile

I love you to the moon and back.

Nicolo Kayanja

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