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My Valedictory

My valedictory was great. I am happy because I put in energy. It was very fun. But I was very nervous, I was dancing for over 2000 people, and more over there were grown-ups Imagine having stage fright and dancing for 2000 parents frightening, right? But it was also fun because after dancing, I and my class watched Mr. Bean and it was really funny, after that we saw the year 6 and p7 graduating, to be honest, some were crying. After that, we went back to class and continued watching Mr. Bean. My two sisters came and said mom is here. I hugged mom and went, I got to go to secondary because my car was parked there. Well, I was sick so mom brought me some hot coffee to drink. After we went to voice mall supermarket, we bought kick snacks and we enjoyed ourselves.

Bruno Ganza Gakunzi, Yr.3 Bluebird

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