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My Visit to Bumirisa

Bumirisa is a small farming village located about 132 miles away from Uganda’s capital city Kampala and about 11.5 miles away from the nearest city Mbale. The network connection here wasn’t the best, but it was better than nothing. The people of the village live a simple lifestyle, much slower and calmer compared to the city. The nights here are still pure and true, the stars shine brighter and the sky seems darker, which gives you an almost outer-space experience. This village is located at the foothill of Mount Elgon; an extinct volcano. The many hills in this area looked more like mountains to me, and climbing them was not easy, but the view made it worth it.

This area was believed to be settled sometime during the 18th century from the eastern plains. The people here are believed to have separated from the Bukusu, another Bantu tribe sometime during the 19th century. They speak a Bantu language called Lugisu, but many people have no problem understanding or speaking English or Luganda.

This place is known for its fertile soils and a lot of farming takes place here, but the most common crop grown in this village is coffee. You will find a large tarp with coffee beans ready to be sun-dried in front of almost every household in the village. Other common crops typically grown here are; matooke, beans and groundnuts. There is a strong sense of community here. I've noticed that everyone knows everyone and everyone does their part to keep the community functioning properly. The water here flows from the mountain, which gives you a refreshing ice-cold shower in the evenings and a fresh rejuvenating shower in the mornings. The clean air works wonders on your skin and throughout your body.

Overall, the virgin landscapes, fresh air, and simple lifestyle make this place look like it came out of a fairy tale.


YEAR 9 Mantaray

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