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My Wonderful Father

Updated: Aug 18

My father is the best father ever! I love him because he’s kind and cares for our whole family. He makes sure we have everything we need. My father pays school fees for me and my siblings on time; he buys food at home and clothes for all of us. But that’s not all! Last year, he surprised us with a fun trip to Zanzibar, where we spent three days touring different places.

This year, my father went to China for work but did not forget about us. He called us on video daily to show us the cool places he was visiting. He brought us gifts like scooters, clothes, and chocolates when he returned.

Even though my father has a busy job, he always finds time to play with us. We have so much fun playing football and board games and going on evening walks together. He also helps us with our schoolwork and ensures we understand everything. He is there for all our school events like expositions, sports day, and contact day.

My father works hard to provide for our family, plays with us, and supports us in school. His love for us makes him the best father in the world. Thank you, Mr Moses Luutu, for being the best father ever.

By Tatiana Luutu

Year Two

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