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what are we?

 We are butterflies and let me tell you what we look like. We are flying insects with a large body and small often colourful wings. one of the best things we like are flowers especially the brightly coloured ones with sweet nectar. My favourite colour is commonly known as rose black beauty.

 Continuously, we have a lot of body parts, the first one

 being the head and secondly, our compound eyes which help us see our suitable source of nectar, so, we drink it and then get enough energy to fly fast from our predators like frogs and lizards, thirdly our proboscis, thorax, foreleg, midleg, hind leg, abdomen, spiracle, wing veins, forewing wings and lastly our hind wing.

Despite how small we are; we have a lot of body parts as shown in the diagram below.

Our life cycles

 In our world, we have 4 or less or more stages which depend on the body but I will talk about the 4 major stages with the first stage being an egg which is dropped by a bird on a leaf, secondly, it hatches and a caterpillar comes out and then feeds on the egg it came from, and some of the trees leaves and then we shed our skin several times, stage 2 is a caterpillar or larva stage, 3  is pupa we form a protective layer around ourselves when we have grown. After 15 days our chrysalis which is our layer breaks and we emerge to stage 4, the last one is when we get out as a thin butterfly. When we get so wet, we pump fluids into our wings to make them stronger so they can expand and after a few hours now our wings are strong, expanded and we are dry and able to fly. This takes much time to be what we are now.

Interesting Facts

  • We are able to shake our wings five times a second.

  • Our wings are transparent.

  • A skipper can go faster than a horse.


We are able to see in ultra violet light.

When we get pollen from a flower, we carry it in our bodies and the we take it to another flower and we pollinate it which helps that flower to get more seed.

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