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Netball was one of the fun sports during the sports season. It was enjoyable. I was playing for Elgon Yellow even though Rwenzori Red won us in netball. I was still able to score two points for my house and I was happy because I was able to participate. Elgon Yellow played against all the other three houses and emerged victorious. I played against Sharleen M. who was a defender for Rwenzori Red and I was a wing attacker. It wasn’t easy to score against her even though she was my good friend. Honestly speaking, even though someone is your friend, sister or brother, when it comes to sports, you can forget that you even know them. To win a netball game, you must have a good defender, a strong attacker, a courageous wing attacker, a very active centre player and a no-nonsense goal scorer! I really enjoyed this sport. I would play it again and again. This netball trophy was won by Rwenzori Red.

Paula Ampeire Quincy,

P.7 Weaverbird

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