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During the fourth week, we had story telling where all our teachers told us an inspirational story. Tr. Peter told us about Jack Ma. Jack Ma was born in Hangzhou in China. He was born into a poor family background. He suffered due to poverty, his parents took him to school but always suffered getting school fees. He was never bright because he used to miss a lot of classes. By the time they finished paying his school fees, it would be time for exams and he would fail. He had terrible marks in school because he had also never learnt in the lower classes. When he wanted to go to a higher level of education, many schools rejected him but he never gave up until a school in Hangzhou accepted him. When he finished secondary, he went to a local University in Hangzhou and after graduating with a Bachelor’s Degree in arts, he went to look for a job and got rejected 30 times until he applied for being a waiter at a local hotel which received many foreigners who needed a person to translate English to Chinese. He sighted an opportunity and started translating and gaining confidence in teaching English. This made him go to the University to ask for a teaching job and he was given lecture English. He started a small company called Hangzhou Haibo translating company and started translating for foreigners. Then he made a company called Alibaba that acts as an online market for all goods. He also made a law firm for lawyers and also wrote books like Never give up.

Jack Ma is the richest man in China.

Miriti Daniel, P.6 E

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