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It was April Friday 5th 2024 when I was in front of the entire upper school. It was quite an unusual experience in front of the school, reading a paper and saying the words seemed easy enough apart from the fact that you are reading in front of the school which was scary, although with practice, you get used to it and all the scary feelings fly away.

The news that we are given to read can be about different things, it can be about an event that happened at school, a spreading disease, or maybe even a mass celebration. Doing the news is really interesting and exciting. You get in on all the scoop first, have fun practicing with your friends and you get to learn a new vocabulary.

During this particular news, we talked about Keza Kirabo also known as Little Miss Uganda. She is currently contesting for Little Miss/mister Africa. We talked about our forthcoming end of term exams, and also about the recent performance we did in theatre which was beautiful and full of life. Well, that’s all for the reporter life.

Neema Namiiro, Yr.6 Parakeet

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