Non Uniform Day

The Cambridge non-uniform day is a day when the Cambridge section wears something different from the Taibah uniform. In term two 2022, the Cambridge section had their non-uniform day and their theme was: Save Edith. Our dress code was office wear. In other words, we wore formal office wear.

On that day, we had a lot of fun activities. In the morning, we took photos. Each class took a couple of pictures and some wanted to take pictures individually. After every class took pictures, each class took turns to do kitchen time with Tr. Patricia. In Yr. 6 Parakeet, they made English pancakes. They all enjoyed greatly and I am sure all classes did too. After, we walked back to our classes and silently read while waiting for the bell to ring that would tell us to go for lunch.

Lunch was great! I then moved into the field where I masked people about the “non-uniform-day” and they reacted positively and they said it was the best day of their life. It was good to hear such appreciative words. It shows that they enjoy and appreciate Taibah International School, Cambridge section.

In the evening when the day scholars were returning home, I saw a lot of smiles on their faces and the children looked happy to see their children in such a good mood. Even the boarders were happy and told their matrons about it. The matrons too were happy.

In my opinion, I really enjoyed it, like all the others. And I think I had enjoyed even more than others. I am just as grateful and happy as the rest of the Cambridge section. I would do this again and again. I have learned that I should think critically, be creative and have concern for the community around me. I thank the school for organizing the non-uniform-day, and I hope even the years to come that the others may also enjoy like how I did.

Yr.6 Parakeet

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