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Oh! What a term! A rollercoaster it has been. We started with the most exciting time of the year, “PROM”. As people waltzed on the carpets rocking the latest designs and fashions, others screamed at the top of their voices as a way of showing their love, the music, the aura was so magnificent. Many of us aren’t blessed to come to an institution that fuels our confidence, creativity, communication, critical thinking and concern for the community but here we are living it. This has been the aim of this term. Not only did we enjoy prom but also the magnificent sports season where we got to see the drive and mentality of winning in our peers. The passion they share for these activities, “damn!” what an experience. After a long month of tears, joy, fights, satisfaction and all, Chwezi members managed to steal the title from right underneath Kabalega’s chin. This season was closed off with three parties to recognise the efforts of the top three houses. Yes, one can say it has been a festive term.

However, it has been a term of resilience and endurance as we got to vote for our new leaders. This can be a rather painful or joyful ride for the contestants. Luckily, Taibah has several confident and well-deserving students who put their hearts on the line in search of a position of power. That race too came to an end and a few lessons to those who did not emerge winners. The winners on the other hand were faced with the task of filling in the large shoes of the outgoing senate body. The students once again arose to take on duty by organising the swearing-in ceremonies and immediately kicked off with duty. So far so good, we all await to see what the new senate has in store.

Now with all festivities ticked off the list, the senior fives had a chance to exhibit the entrepreneurs in them as they started businesses and were tasked to make sales while treating their peers as suitable market. The profits were assessed and taxed accordingly to give them an insight into the future world but also they were given yet another opportunity to polish their 5Cs like communication and creativity. Big congratulations to the winners who are yet to be awarded.

Finally, the term has come to an end and exam season is knocking on the door, with the senior six mock examinations started as well as end-of-term exams for the rest of the school. Yes, our dear reader with all these activities, we shall still emerge winners for as Taibah International School, we have education with a difference. It is safe to say that this term has pushed us one more step closer to the end. What a term to remember!

Teri Kaddu

S5 Eagles

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