Our Class' Exposition

Every class in the school has done many extra ordinary things for exposition. Our theme for exposition this year is “From Trash to Gold.” Personally our class handled bee keeping, also known as apiculture. Our class made beehives out of boxes, beehives out of ropes and a statue of a queen bee. The beehive out of ropes was made by me and my group. We made it by using a bucket to wrap the rope around the bucket. Before doing all that, we got old sacks, cut them into equal parts after we tie them like how they plaint women’s hair. At the end we tie a loop for it to be hanged on a tree. We also made a smoker out of old plastic cans then we painted it gold and cuts. But all in all, we did our best but we didn’t win, but the good thing is that I had fun with my friends.

P.6 Eagles

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