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Our Class Trip

Educational Class trips are organized based on topics that we study in class. The purpose of it was to visit places in Jinja which included the Nyanza Textile factory, which produces cotton cloth materials. There we saw different processes: Ginning-where cotton lint is separated from seeds spinning where the lint is made into threads then weaving where the threads are made into cloth.

Our next stopover was at the Tip-top Bakery owned by an Indian group where we learnt about baking different items from wheat flour coupled with other ingredients. At the bakery, bread, cakes, buns, scones, and doughnuts are baked and later sold to customers to make a profit.

We then proceeded to the source of the Nile where we were enlightened about John Hanning Speke and his discovery. We were also given information about the geographical setup of the area; Lake Victoria is the mouth of the longest river in the world i.e. River Nile which takes two months to flow to the Mediterranean Sea, some activities that take place there like fishing, tourism and the trade where residents in the area sell craft product to the tourists. What a memorable educational trip it was!

Mawanda Elijah

P.4 Pytilia

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