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Tuesday 12th March, a day I will never forget a day that filled us with happiness and joy. We went to a waterpark, it was a prize from the school to us the P.7s simply for doing our best and winning valedictory last year on that at 11:00a.m we boarded the bus I remember how excited we were talking, laughing and making jokes all as a result of excitement at 11:30am we set off, we saw so many things buildings, beautiful houses and even lake Victoria we saw it all different occupation as well at 12:00pm we finally arrived people clapping and jumping up and down as well alighted the bus almost everyone was running just to get a better look at everything indeed it was beautiful waterslides, swings and games everything and everyone was amazing then after admiring it beauty we went to change in to our swimsuits as soon as we finished we walked quickly as possible the excitement was too much jumping, spinning, dancing to the music and trying the waterslides all of in was interesting after about 2 hours we were asked to have lunch after we changed back into our uniforms after eating we played games and then went back to the bus it was a bit upsetting but we knew we had to leave at some point and we set off once again to one more destination the supermarket once we stop we alighted at the bus again and their were two  decisions to go to the supermarket or the restaurant some went to the supermarket and bought whatever they felt they needed like soap, juice, pizza etc and the rest went to the restaurant once everyone was done we went set off for school at 4:15p.m we finally arrived back at school safely. 

 Antoinette Amoding, P.7 Weaverbird

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