Owlimpia: The International Challenge

Owlimpia is an exciting international competition held globally at different times of the year for student aged 9 to 11 (Owlins), 12 to 14 (Owlets) and 15 to 18 (Owlys). It was founded in 2017 by Perceptum Education, a certified social enterprise based in London, UK. Certainly, it s participated in more than 35 countries across the globe.

In order for a student to compete, they register on the online Olympia website or with an Olympia ambassador at a standard fee to complete registration. The student is then supposed to choose a subject they’re interested in among the following

  • Art and design

  • Economics and business

  • Science and technology

  • Literature and culture

Resource such as books, videos, movies, articles and people are researched and revised on and are found on the official website. In order for one to compete at the local or global round, one is to first do the online round. On this round, ninety objectives are given for ninety minutes from the given resources.

Results are later released days after and one is qualified for the global or local round if they receive a certificate of achievement from the online round. Discounts are given to the different positions as seen below;

1st position receives a 50% discount from the standard registration fee for global round. 2nd to 4th position receive a 30% discount. 5th to 7th position receive a 25% discount, 8th to 11th position receive a 20% discount, 12th to 15th position receive a 15% discount and the rest receive a 10 % discount.

My colleagues, 8 in number and I participated in the online round and qualified for the global round each receiving discounts. I highly recommend students to participate in this competition in order to enhance their curriculum vitaes as well as open their mind to a different variety of intellectual topics.


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