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Owlypia Global Round in Dubai

My travels to Dubai were beautiful and mesmerizing. You could say it's the city of gold and luxury. Going to Dubai was a good chance for me to participate in the Olympia Global round. Many schools from different countries came to participate. On the first day of the event, we had introductions which made it easy to find the teammates we were patterned with. It was interesting to learn about the different skills people had and their diverse backgrounds. After the paring, we went on to knowledge challenges. We were given multichoice questions that got harder and harder the further we went on. One question felt like I was explaining a story or writing a novel, and after that, we moved on to the team challenges.

We were up to 28 teams that took part, each with silly names. At the start of the challenges, I never had my teammates so it was a bit difficult for me to keep up with the other teams but by the grace of God I came in 12th position and that was not a bad place for my first Global challenge. To end the day, we toured the school, seeing the things that I could have at that university. Day two, we had the first challenge as improv challenges where we were told to pick a number that had a topic for us to explain in under 2 minutes. I felt my hands get wet and my body went cold as I stood up in front of the class. I explained the topic I was given, (has the internet done more good than bad), I chose good because it seemed like the easy one to do but I knew the easy was not the best way. After everyone had explained, we went on to Team speech craft. It was a debate where we were given topics to propose and oppose and I got one that was fair (should students wear school uniform?). It was easy because I was on the proposing side but we were given 7 minutes to prepare. I learnt how to summarise points but not to do it alone, and to ask for help when I needed it. For the next day, we were taken to the loveliest places.

We went to three locations the mosque, the mall, and the beach. The mosque was so beautiful but it was a bit hard to see because of the light reflecting off of the white walls. The mall was fun, we ate lunch and did shopping and later we headed to the beach. It was not a long stay, but we had time to take pictures and enjoy. That was a wonderful way to end the day. On the final day, we packed our things left the lovely Top Star Hotel, and went to the award ceremony. I was so happy I came in third but was disappointed when my team never got third, second, or first place. It hurt me knowing that we had a chance if we had just done better, but I was grateful to all the people including my parents and teachers who supported me on my journey. We spent the last day shopping but I was so happy to have taken this amazing chance and I thank the school and Teacher Godfrey for giving me a chance like this.

Andrew Weraga

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