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P.7 And Yr. 6 Leaver's Party

Here at Taibah International School, we let the candidates of P.7 and Yr. 6 express their sense of fashion, this is why we have leavers party. At this party, the candidates feel free to enjoy themselves. This party allows the candidates to promote confidence and creativity through the dresses they wear and the way they express themselves for example I feel that the best dressed in girls was Halilah Kafeero and in boys, it was Joscella Katende. I don’t know about you but these are the people I think were best dressed. Our leavers party was on Saturday, 11th November 2023. It was amazing as everybody had vibe, style and confidence. I was impressed because I thought it was going to be a bore but when everybody started walking on the red carpet, I could feel the vibe, the style and the confidence all in one big bunch on my face. I was honestly amazed. I can’t wait for my leavers' party. I really hope time can pass really fast till my leavers party. All I know is that our leavers’ party will even be better than for this year.

Fadhilah Nandawula, P.6 Crested crane

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