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The western Uganda Trip was really filled with fun and interest which was both fun for the pupils and teachers. It was filled with culture, history, geography and wonderful scenery.

DAY 1-We set off for school and travelled to Mubende where we saw the Nakayima tree which belonged to the Bachwezi. It was named so because people believed that King Ndahura’s wife (Nakayima) disappeared into the tree. It had nine roots or as they call them rooms that belonged to the great rulers of The Chwezi Kingdom. It had a head-like for a cow to represent their beloved cow “Bihaga” and breasts for Nakayima. We then left and settled for a good night’s rest.

DAY 2- We went to Tooro Parliament where rules and laws are made to govern the kingdom. We went to where the Great Kings of Tooro Kingdom are buried. Then we went to Tooro Kingdom where the youngest king of Tooro lives currently. We left for our hotels to rest.

DAY 3- We went to visit the historical sites called “Mabere ga Nyinamwiru”

Where we climbed a hill to see five crater lakes one named Lake Kigere which looked like a foot. We then saw an underground waterfall and went to see hot springs.

DAY 4- We left Fort Portal for Kasese where we went to Queen Elizabeth National Game Park and saw different kinds of animals like buffaloes, antelopes, and worth hogs. We went canoeing along the Kazinga Channel which joined Lake Edward to Lake George which harboured crocodiles, hippos, and different bird species. We played in the water which originated from the lower ranges of Mt. Rwenzori then set off to check into another hotel.

DAY 5- We went to Lake Katwe and learnt how salt is mined. We learnt that it’s an explosive crater lake because it was formed on top of a volcanic mountain then travelled to Mbarara and settled in for our last night in Western Uganda.

DAY 6- We went to the Mubuku irrigation scheme and travelled to Lake Mburo National Game Park where we saw impalas, elephants, antelopes, zebras, giraffes, red butt monkeys, and buffaloes. We enjoyed the ride along Masaka Road till we reached Kampala.

NB- This trip was really memorable because we got to make new friends, strengthen bonds with friends and teachers, learn more about our wonderful country and enjoy a once-in-a-lifetime experience.

Jayna Victoria Tamale, P.7 WB

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