P6 Starling at Taibah Junior School

My name is Musiime Ethan and I am in P’6 Starling at Taibah Junior School.

My class teacher is Teacher Ben, he teaches us social studies and Christian Religious Education.

The other teachers are Teacher Nassif who teaches Mathematics, Teacher Emmanuel who teaches English and Teacher Hassan who teaches Science.

They are great teachers who make sure no one is left out and are very supportive and understanding.

We also have ICT lessons every Tuesday to assist improve on our computer skills and knowledge.

Swimming is an activity done every Tuesday, which helps us to relax and exercise our bodies.

My classmates are very friendly and easy to approach, this makes learning even more enjoyable and interesting. We are always smart in our school uniform that comes with a unique maroon tie.

Oh how I love my class P.6 Starling.


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