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Preparing for an agriculture competition requires one to have a deep understanding of their chosen agricultural product or project. This can only be achieved through extensive research and a thorough understanding of both business and economics. After consulting various sites as well as friends who have this knowledge I had come up with the idea of combating rising flour prices in Uganda.

The competition provided an opportunity to showcase my leadership, research and presentation skills. As part of the competition, I was responsible for preparing a speech to get evaluated by a large variety of judges with some being teachers at Taibah and some being representatives of the American embassy.

It was somewhat nerve-wracking speaking in front of so many people in a serious situation, especially when cameras and everyone's eyes are on you. My father and some of my teachers were also in the audience and I'm grateful to them for coming to see everyone present.

I was placed in the top 10 and won 2 certificates as well as the chance to go to a boot camp held in Taibah during the second week of May to gain a better understanding of both agriculture and business which made both me and my family proud.

It was so interesting to hear everyone's ideas when they presented and it was so apparent how much hard work they had put into their work, hopefully, there will be more competitions or events like this for more people to participate in as it Identifies someone's strengths and weaknesses through self-assessment and is an important step towards personal and professional growth and looks good on a CV of achievements when applying for jobs or to universities.

Alexander Lwamusai year 12 raptors

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