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As early as the morning started, the dormitories were filled with perfumes. It was like we were going into a garden of flowers. Everyone in their best wear and Nike shoes. People were prepared even before the day started. We left the dormitories and went for our usual breakfast.

As our daily Saturday routine, we studied our usual Saturday lessons but they ended earlier due to an exciting event that we had all prepared for. The classrooms were cleaned, the balloons were blown and we even had themes on what to put on. It started at exactly 2:00 pm as the music was blasted through the corridors since each classroom had a speaker.

In our classroom, we had a lot of activities to do like dancing and games. At the end of our activities, the school served us food like chips, chicken, sausages, and soda which was enough for everyone. We ate and returned to our classrooms where cut cake and vibed to music.

But that was not the end of it. We had an after-party. We were separated into class groups like Year Nines, Senior Ones, and Year eights were put in the basketball court where the music echoed through the forests. All the trendy songs were played even the new ones too. People danced their life out and the DJ played the best remixes.

We danced and danced for three hours straight until the music stopped and we had to go to our dorms to sleep and end the day. And that was the end of our peer party.

BY; Dorothy Abagail and Rania Janat

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