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The long-awaited day finally arrived. It was PEER PARTY! On Saturday, 3rd September 2022, the beginning of this day was just like any other Saturday in Taibah International School. With lessons through the morning hours, students, but couldn’t remain excited and had a bit of anxiety in the air around the school throughout the day. The buzz in every corner was preparation plans, the food, and most especially the dance. The organizing committees were on a rampage to ensure that everything was delivered, the classes were arranged and the events for the class bonding began at 1 pm.

Arrangements began at around 1 pm with the delivery of cakes, snacks for the different classes, and obviously the decorations for the different classrooms. Thanks to all the committee members, fellow students, and teachers for all their hard work and efforts, the commencement of the peer parties was able to happen at 3 pm. Different classes had bonding activities like games and class photos which made the day even better. The classrooms erupted with laughter due to all the excitement. Finally, the long wait for food came to an end as all students were fed with Taibah’s amazing meal offered with an additional soda. The students were later allocated to the different dance stages that had been organized whereby students went and had a chance to let loose and relax with their fellow peers. It was definitely a day to remember!

Paula Twinomujuni

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