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Prayer is a communication with God, either in thought or in spoken or written words. Just as our relationship with friends and family grows and deepens our relationship with him. Prayer gives us direct access to God’s listening ear, as well as his love, strength, wisdom and comfort. It’s a way to express our love, confess our sins and bring our requests to him.

Prayer is also a time for healing and hearing from God. As we pray, we invite the Holy Spirit to guide us in our decisions, comfort our sorrows and pour his love to us. God already loves and accepts us unconditionally, so we never have to fear reaching out to him in prayer.

As we all know, prayer is an honest conversation with God. There are many benefits of prayer which I am going to talk about. Firstly, we get closer to God, this one might seem obvious but prayer is an excellent way of getting closer to God. Secondly, it can increase gratitude and thankfulness, our daily lives give us plenty of reasons to be thankful. Lastly, having an attitude of gratitude can help us focus on the good stuff God has given us rather than dwelling on the bad.

Apart from the benefits, prayer also has key elements, which are: worship, adoration and thanksgiving. Worship is saying to God what he is worth and confessing to him what he is worth to us. Adoration is to adore God as in ‘Hallowed be your name’, adoration is simply praising God for who He is thanksgiving is a time when we appreciate all the good things in our life. It’s a moment to reflect on the abundance and show appreciation for all the blessings and challenges that shaped us.

If one does not know how to pray, you can teach them an easy method called 'The five-finger prayer' which means that each finger represents a person to pray for. The thumb is for your friends and family, the index is for teachers, doctors and people who guide you, the middle is for the leaders in your country, the ring is for the sick and needy and lastly, the pinky is for yourself.

In conclusion, prayer is simply having an honest conversation with God. Through prayer, we can find comfort in times of struggle, seek answers to our deepest questions, and strengthen our faith. I encourage you to continue seeking Christ through your journey of life. Without communication, relationships fall apart. So, too, your relationship with God suffers when you do not communicate with Him.

Holly Ngonzi,

Yr. 9 Axolotls.

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