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Prefect Duties

At Taibah International School-Junior we elected prefects to help teachers on duty throughout the week.

Prefects in their respective areas of work like Sanitation, religious Affairs, Academics, Games, Sports, and many other areas are entitled to supervise all school routines such as Assemblies, prayers, acts of kindness activities, and all other outdoor activities. This is easy since we have a different uniform from the rest of the children.

The teacher in charge of prefects always provides a weekly duty Rota where the prefect supervises the following areas at all breaks Swing area, the pitch and also welcoming children in the morning. This helps us prefect to be hardworking, responsible people and future leaders.

I’m happy to be a prefect at Taibah.

By: Cidrah Nazziwa Adillah.

Islamic Religious Prefect.

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