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Prefect Elections

It was on that Thursday morning in class when Tr. Samuel (the head of the prefect elections committee) came to our class and asked us “Who here would like to be a prefect?” most of us shouted out “Me!” and so it all began. Tr. Samuel told us all the posts that were available. “We have, Head Girl, Head Boy, Entertainment and Head Prefect.” My mind raced with all of those choices and I began to think, “Which post should I go for?” suddenly two of my friends, came to me telling me the post I should go for. One told me to go for Head Girl while the other told me to go for Head Prefect and I wrote Head Prefect. But by the time I submitted my form, it was too late the competitions had already begun. My heart raced as I realized what I had done. I decided I would do my best to get that post, and if I didn’t, I had an opportunity to get appointed.

The day for elections finally came and we did the ‘secret ballot’. When the time came for our class to vote, I could feel my heart pounding. The post they started with was Head Prefect and I ticked my name off the list. We passed through all the names and soon, it was time up. I made my way to the dining and had a break.

That afternoon we had an assembly and they revealed the people who won elections. It came time to read the new Head Prefect and to my disappointment, it was not me. I felt bad but I still had hope. A few weeks later we had a general assembly again and they decided to read out the names of the people who had been appointed and to my surprise, I was on the list! I felt so happy with myself that I was on the list.

Elaine Aine, Yr.5 Waxbill

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