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Prefects in the School

Taibah International School Primary is a modern type of school where we elect people to lead us at school when the adults are busy or absent. Being a prefect is not an easy job because it requires a lot of discipline and responsibility to handle the children. In Taibah. we have elected and appointed prefects. The elected prefects we have in Taibah are the head prefect, head boy, head girl, assistant head girl, assistant head boy, and assistant games and sports prefects both Cambridge and National among others. The appointed prefects we have in Taibah are ICT, Religious Affairs, Sanitation, and Resources prefects to mention for both National and Cambridge. These prefects help us to maintain discipline at school by stopping fights and quarrels and ensure discipline and so much more to keep people good children and keep a good school name. Those are some of the reasons why I love being a prefect at Taibah International School Primary.

John Garang, P.5 Cardinal [Assistant head boy, National]

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